Round table – Formal education in firefighting

European Union member states implement formal education in firefighting at different levels, including undergraduate studies, then graduate and postgraduate studies. The studies cover areas of importance for firefighting and fire protection experts who will improve the firefighting and fire protection system and ensure its functionality and efficiency, especially in leading and commanding large and complex firefighting interventions and open area fires, as well as in cross-border interventions and providing international help.

The round table aims to bring together experts and stakeholders in the field of formal firefighting education for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and ideas, as well as current challenges and opportunities, as well as identifying potential solutions for improving the educational process for the benefit of the firefighting system in the Republic of Croatia. The round table also aims to raise awareness of the importance of formal education of firefighters, which should be based on programs that follow the development of firefighting, as well as on new knowledge and technologies for preventive and operational actions of firefighters.

The round table is organized in cooperation with the University of Applied Management and Security Sciences with the support of the Croatian Firefighting Association.

Round table will be held on May 25, 2023. Working language of the round table is Croatian.