Symposium description

Each country aims to establish a comprehensive national security concept that ensures better coordination, strategic planning, pooling of resources and uniform development of capabilities with the aim of developing security policies that will guarantee citizens a high level of security at the national level.

National security is being developed to proactively manage security risks at national, regional and international levels. Crisis management occupies an important place in the national security system for the integrated management of risks that may threaten vital national interests.

Analysis of crisis situations and identification of recognized lessons is important for the constant improvement of the crisis management system, both in terms of prevention, strengthening preparedness, timely response and quick recovery from the consequences of a crisis situation.

It is precisely for this reason that it is important to continuously conduct comprehensive research and share experiences related to security risks and crisis management.

The traditional conference Crisis Management Days, which brings together leading experts and scientists from this field at the national, regional and international level, aims to provide a platform for the exchange of new ideas and knowledge important for the continuous improvement of the crisis management system.

The official languages ​​of the conference are Croatian and English.

We look forward to your participation and cooperation.