Symposium description


Security in the modern world is becoming increasingly important due to more frequent threats to people, their communities and the natural environment.

Consequently, the contemporary states are facing increasing challenges that cannot be efficiently handled in the traditional way. Therefore, along with the military aspects of security, those non-military ones are becoming more and more important and they include the activities of various elements of the contemporary societies. A special place belongs to the action in various crises as well as crisis management and its continuous improvement. Studying of the experiences gathered in the previous crises and drawing certain lessons is important for continuous improvement of the crisis management system, both in the sense of prevention and of efficient response to potential crises.

The research of crises and crisis management is important not only for the development of the system of national security with crisis management as its part but also for designing and implementing high-quality education for this activity. It is, therefore, important to carry out continuous research and exchange experiences related to security challenges and crisis management. An important role in this, not only in the Republic of Croatia, but also in the wider regional framework, belongs to the already traditional Crisis Management Days Conference gathering the leading experts and scientists in this field.

The official languages of the Conference are Croatian and English.

We are looking forward to your participation and cooperation.