Symposium description

This year the International Conference “Crisis Management Days – CMD 2024” aims to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices among scientists, experts, organizations, and stakeholders involved in crisis management.

Climate change has become a complex global threat requiring a comprehensive understanding and coordinated efforts at the global, national, and local levels. The conference aims to exchange the latest insights, highlight the importance of sustainable development for adapting to climate change, and understand the application of early warning systems to reduce the consequences of crisis situations.

The conference will enable the analysis of past crises, their causes, responses, and recommendations that can be identified as an important theme of all research conducted as case studies. The development and application of crisis management strategies, discussion of best practices and methods for crisis management, becomes an important segment of state policies of particular importance for national security.

The importance of effective communication during crises is increasingly coming to the forefront, especially planning communication strategies, transparency, public engagement, and the role of the media in crisis situations. The application of innovations and technology in threat identification, risk assessment, and prediction and mitigation of crises has become an indispensable factor in crisis management systems. Considering the application of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analysis, and information management tools, is imperative for this Conference.

The official languages of the conference are Croatian and English.

We look forward to your participation and collaboration.