Conference Topics


  1. What have we learned from the earthquake? Earthquake as an unacceptable risk: how to better manage earthquake risk
  2. The role of associations in disasters: Volunteers as an important operational resource in earthquake response
  3. Psychosocial aspects of disasters and crisis situations: What are the characteristics of behavior in disasters? Can it change and become “new normal”? How do crises affect a person’s mental state and health? Can we psychologically prepare for disasters?
  4. Challenges of achieving environmental and living standards in earthquake-affected areas: Have we achieved minimum hygiene standards in earthquake-affected areas such as drinking water delivery? Have we established acceptable sanitary standards and how have we reacted in the context of the environment and health? How did we react to the construction waste?

We would like to invite all experts and researchers who deal with crisis management and related disciplines to submit their papers, regardless of the topics mentioned here.

Conference topics will be further elaborated after the introductory sessions on May 20th, 2021.