Upoznajte naše plenarne i pozvane predavače – Ana–Maria Boromisa

Ana – Maria Boromisa, PhD

Naslov: Climate change- unpacking the urgency

IRMO – Institute for Development and International Relations

Ana-Maria BOROMISA PhD is the scientific advisor with tenure at the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) in Zagreb and the head of the IRMO’s Department for Interrnational Economic and political relations. Dr Boromisa took her doctorate at the Economics Faculty in Zagreb, Croatia (2004), a master’s in European Studies, College of Europe, Poland (1995) and in the power engineering at University of Zagreb (1994). She has extensive research and consulting experience in the area of her interest that include climate change and its impact to economic and social development. She teaches at masters level at the Universtiy of Zagreb and University of Yantai (China), and at the PhD level at University of Zagreb and Libertas University. She heads projects and publish papers in the wider area of energy economics, environmental economics, environmental financing focusing on economic and financial analysis of decarbonisation, energy and climate change adaptation and mitigation.